Hackathon Information

Treasure Hacks will follow the typical formatting of online hackathons. Students will be given a prompt and must come up with a working solution using programming. However, our hackathon specifically targets a wide skill range (from no programming knowledge to advanced programming knowledge). To support beginners, learning opportunities will be available throughout the hackathon. Opportunities include sponsor instruction, an industry computer scientist sharing their experience, and teachers introducing programming techniques/skills. We also plan to present step by step instruction to help you through every part of a hackathon.

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Our Mission

We believe in more than the power of hackathons but in the power of community. Once joined, students will have the backing and assistance of hundreds of others who would have been otherwise unreachable. This is why we made Treasure Hacks: to gather those who are beginning and those who are experienced in computer science to grow a community eager to collaborate and reach out to those outside their social circles.

We believe in the power of hackathons. Once you participate in one, it opens your mind up for innovation and creative thinking. This is why we made Treasure Hacks: to lower the barriers to entry, to educate, and ultimately to make hackathons accessible to all students.


First sign up through our website, then sign up on devpost once you create a team, or if you are entering solo. If you do not have a team, you will sign up on devpost after our team building period.

Time, Location, and Eligibility

Our hackathon will take place online from October 9-16. Anyone who is currently attending high school is able to participate. You must sign up through google forms and later after team creation devpost.

Diamond Tier Sponsors

Gold Tier Sponsors

Silver Tier Sponsors

Bronze Tier Sponsors


Any current high school student.

No prior experience is needed, but it would be beneficial for you to be able to complete a technical project by yourself or with a team. Because this hackathon allows you to enter as just a student instead of a competitor, you will be able to learn many of the skills you will need for future hackathons.

Nope! It’s completely free and includes all the assortments of prizes that you can win.

You will be able to find and form a team through Discord/Devpost when the hackathon begins.

The deadline is on October 7th at 11:59 pm PDT.

Click here to see the hackathon rules.

Each team can have a maximum of four people.